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What We Do

We believe in better tomorrows.


In East Africa, millions of children are predestined to hunger, famine, disease, and life as an orphan. Starvation and disease have taken their parents from them, leaving them without a home or a family. Each day they walk for miles in barefeet and broken shoes as they search for safe water to drink. They spend hours sifting through dump yards, looking for any bit of food they can find. Weakened by illness and malnutrition, they are part of an endless cycle that they cannot break on their own. Their need for food and clean water consumes their days, leaving no time for education, medical hope, or hope.


Story Changers is a non-profit organization working in East Africa to empower and equip orphans and vulnerable children who are predestined to famine, poverty, disease, and hunger. 


We rewrite their life stories by providing physical, spiritual, and emotional nourishment. Our in-country staff oversees our centers where our children come seven days a week to receive hot meals, clean water, and nutrition. Story Changers ensures they receive and education at their nearby academy and emotional support and discipleship are provided through daily Bible lessons and worship. 


We believe that transformation is a lifelong process and we are committed to supporting these children into adulthood. Our program is effective because it is threefold: we help restore their hearts, empower them through education, and equip them as adults to end their cycle of poverty. Each phase plays an integral role and together, changes their life stories.  



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