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We encourage you to build a relationship with your sponsor child.

He or she will come to love you as family and their dependence on your continued support is a true need.


You can send care packages and letters anytime throughout the year. You will also have the opportunity to send a care package to your child once a year through a traveling team. Story Changers will notify you in advance of that opportunity. If you would like to send directly to Ethiopia please include your sponsor child's full name and Story Changers ID #.


Story Changers Ethiopia

attn: Wegderes Bekele

PO Box 42247

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

     - pack small items as a size and weight restriction is likely required
     - ideas: bubblegum, yo-yo's, matchbox cars, trading cards, jewelery, crayons, journals, hackisacks, toothbrush and paste,            barrettes, candy, pens, mini dolls or stuffed animals
     - include a letter and picture

     - do not include money
     - do not include electronics as it would make your child a target to be harmed
     - do not make any false hopes (visits, adoptions, etc.)


How Will I Stay Informed?

One of the advantages of being a smaller organization is the personal connection that you can create with your child. You can contact our Ethiopia staff at any time to ask questions, gain updates and send care packages. 

We will provide an annual update with his or her information that can include but not be limited to:

          - health and school reports 

          - prayer requests 

          - updated photos 

          - changes in personal life



How long does Sponsorship last?

Continued support is crucial to true transformation. We hope that you can commit to your child as they grow into young adulthood. If at any time you can no longer support your child please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange for your child to continue in the program.

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