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We are group of individuals who share a radical love for the children we serve. The entire U.S. team volunteers their time and their talents so that more dollars may be sent oversees and invested in the ones that have taught us what love without borders really means. 

moringa for many

Jessica Phillips

Founder and Executive Director


Jessica Phillips is a wife, a mother, and a networker in Central Kentucky. Ever since she was a young girl, her heart has longed to serve vulnerable children in developing countries. Through the international adoption process of her youngest son, Joshua, her eyes were opened to a need that she just could not ignore. In 2011, Jessica became a voice for these children and this mission was formed.

story changers

Wegderes Bekele

Ethiopia Director


God couldn’t have sent Story Changers a better man! Weg has a special gift that allows him to naturally connect and care for these children. His spirit is gentle and his voice is tender. Our children are truly drawn to his kindness. Weg oversees all of our programs and centers in Ethiopia. He and his wife, Selam, are expecting their second child in late 2014. Story Changers is blessed to have such an honest and compassionate man on ground in Ethiopia.

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