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We first care for the children's

most pressing needs by providing consistent food, clean water, and plant-based nutrition. We come alongside them and begin to speak truth into their lives and emotionally and spiritually support them. Stability and assurance becomes a familiar feeling in their lives.


We work to build their academic

and social skills through school attendance, Bible study and discipleship programs. As we nurture, love, and serve the children we quickly see their talents and personalities begin to fully blossom. Many of our children have come to rely on our Father's unfailing love.


As they enter adulthood, we teach them a trade which will generate an income, give back to their community, and care for their future families.  ­­Many of our children will use their skill sets to become seamstresses, mechanics, jewelry artisans, and market owners.


Help a child receive an education, daily meals, medical aid, and emotional & spiritual support. You can restore, empower, and equip them to break cycles of poverty and despair. Help us raise up the generation that changes their community!

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