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Our Child Sponsorship Program in Ethiopia is located in a rural town south of the capital. We are currently serving 80 children at this center on a daily basis. Their needs are being met at a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. We provide daily meals, discipleship, education, medical aid, emotional and social support.


Our Mojo program is providing Phase 1 and Phase 2: restoration and empowerment. As the children grow and near adulthood they will enter the final phase of our program which will equip them with a trade to generate an income as an adult. 

Wegderes Bekele

Country Director


Our Preschool and Daycare is located in the Bole Area of the country's capital, Addis Ababa. Our youngest children stay with us each day and receive two meals and two snacks while our older toddlers attend a nearby half day Kindergarten. 

Tagy Taye

Social Worker

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