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Kids 4 Kids

How it works


Kids 4 Kids is a program that connects children here in the United States to our program’s children in East Africa. We believe it is important for both sets of children to feel a true sense of connection so we make this relationship a personal one through letters and banner exchanges, photos, videos, and in the near future we will have Skype capabilities!


A presentation will be given to the class or group of children here in the United States to educate them about  the needs of our children and introduce them as well. They will learn about the culture and hardships of children less fortunate. Together, they will collectively raise funds through various opportunities that they think of and/or fundraising that we offer (necklace & tshirt sales, etc.)


Unit studies on Africa can be given in the classroom if the teacher or school would like to increase the level of education from this program. We will help identify the greatest needs of the children at that time (food costs, water system, school needs, etc.) and the funds that the children raise will provide for those specified needs.


The children will be given updates (photos and videos) so they can see the fruits of their labor. They can also exchange hand-made banners and pen pal letters with the children. Kids 4 Kids is an opportunity like no other out there. The connections that are made will make a lasting impact for all the children, both on the western and eastern side of the world! We hope you join us and bring Kids 4 Kids into your community! Click here to Get Started

Get Started


Schools and groups all over the United States are participating in our Kids 4 Kids program. We are excited to hear from you and eager to get your group started! Please fill out the information below and one of our Kids 4 Kids committee members will be in touch with you shortly.

Who’s Helping


Christ The King
Lexington, KY
Funds raised: $1,223
Completed Program: January 2014








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