Transformation is a lifelong process and we are committed to supporting the children

we serve into adulthood. Through our three-phased program, most children

are able to break cycles of poverty, disease, hunger, and despair.


Millions of children throughout Africa are predestined to hunger, disease, and famine. Starvation and disease have taken their parents from them, leaving them without a home or a family. They spend hours sifting through dump yards searching for their next meal. Weakened by illness and malnutrition, these forgotten children are part of an endless cycle that they cannot break on their own. Their need for food and clean water consumes their days, leaving no time for education, medical aide, or hope.  


Story Changers is a nonprofit organization committed to breaking these chains of despair and bringing hope into the lives we touch. We rewrite life stories by providing physical, spiritual, and emotional nourishment within the three phases of our program. We first meet immediate needs to restore health then we begin to empower these children through education and discipleship. As they near adulthood, they enter the third phase of our program where we equip them. Each child will learn a trade or gain a college education which will allow them to provide for themselves and for their future families.



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STORY CHANGERS is a federally licensed 501(c)(3)

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